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The ANA offers a service called Ask the Expert which provides custom ANA and third-party research to its members free of charge. Here, we provide a quick aggregate of information on a current/cutting edge topic. For deeper dives, contact Ask the Expert. If you aren’t sure if you’re a member, you can check your status here.

Issue 1

What's In Store for Retailers in 2019?

January 2019


The way consumers shop – and retailers sell – are rapidly changing as new technological advancements allow for greater flexibility and reach. In the past, these have taken the form of beacons, QR codes, mobile wallets, etc. Now tech like augmented reality, virtual reality, and hyper-specific targeting are leading the pack, providing an increasingly seamless shopping experience between retailers and consumers. The resources below discuss some of these trends and what retail may look like in 2019. 


Four Keys to the Future of Retail. Forbes, December 2018.
Using their proprietary collected consumer data, Salesforce looks at some of the major retail trends that might play out in 2019.
Five Retail Trends That Will Transform the Industry. HubSpot, October 2018.
If brands truly want to rise from the ashes of the retail apocalypse, they must stay laser-focused on adapting to the evolution of new technology and their customers' preferences. More specifically, they need to embrace change and prepare for the upcoming trends that will transform the industry in 2019.
The Future of Retail: Five Trends Reshaping the Future of Retail. Trend Watching, May 2018.
This highlights key tactical trends that are reshaping consumer expectations in 2019 and beyond; they are trends you can use to fuel your next winning product, service, campaign, experience, platform, business model, and more.


Augmented Reality Transforms the Retail Experience. Deloitte, 2018.
Today’s leading retailers are finding they now have the capabilities to leverage the promise of virtual and augmented reality to deliver a vCommerce experience to customers. This discusses how companies are embedding virtual and augmented reality in retail.
VR, AR, MR? Get Ready for 'Extended Reality.’ Retail Customer Experience, November 2018.
You may not have heard of extended reality, which combines VR, AR MR and 360-degree video in one medium. However, is it the new customer experience? XR makes it possible to visualize what a different colored car might look like when viewing an actual car in a dealership, and that’s just the beginning.


MasterCard Launches 3D-Based Virtual Store Experience. Retail Dive, December 2018.
MasterCard and Next Retail Concepts have collaborated to create a new online shopping experience that allows shoppers to navigate a 3D simulation of a physical store, rather than scrolling through product pages using traditional category tabs and filters. Purchases are completed within the same environment, which is intended to integrate seamlessly with a brand's existing e-commerce platform.
Amazon Reveals a Road Map for the Future of Shopping. Business Insider, December 2018.
Amazon is reportedly working on adapting its Amazon Go automated store technology to larger-format stores; the most natural fit for an application of this expanded technology would be Amazon's own grocery-store chain, Whole Foods. This greatly expands the use of Amazon Go's "just-walk-out" technology and realizes a future that retail has been gradually inching toward for years now.

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